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Turning off AO Between Specified Objects

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Turning off AO Between Specified Objects


I have two objects in my scene. I want them to not receive/cast AO on each other, but they should do for other objects in the scene. How can I disable this on a per-object basis?


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You would want to use the string field for a traceset on the AO shader, and attach a traceset closure as the main top hook. Then Add a houdini Properties modifier ( what it is called in max ) to the assets, and then use the traceset string field on them, to create the boolean/filter case.

Much like I illustrated in this case here -->

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Thanks a lot, I'm not quite following you though. Any chance you have time to show an example?

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I looked at the link you put up, but it's still not making sense to me. I'm not using a separate AO shader, just two Standard Surface shaders on the respective objects. I want to prevent AO and shadows from showing up between them in the render.


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Forgive me, I miss understood the problem.

Will take a look at your actual situation

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Is this more in line with what you need?

The 2 assets, the teapots cast AO to "all other objects" while not casting AO on each other.

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Or this is probably more in line with what you need.
Now they also have AO on them self.

You simply just shade everything with AO like normal.
But for the 2 assets, tick the "self only" in the AO shader attached to the 2 objects.

So I have 3 materials here.

1 for all scene, floor and wall. normal AO

1 for each teapot, and both of the AO shaders has "Self Only" ticked.

Now everything has AO, and the 2 teapots are not sending any AO to external assets.

If you dont want the 23 teapots to send out any AO? then decouple the AO on the assets and it will look like the image in the previous post.


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