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Trouble with Optix denoiser in Render View - HtoA

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Trouble with Optix denoiser in Render View - HtoA


The Optix denoiser works for me when I render a complete frame locally - I get an additional denoised frame with the standard beauty. However I can't seem to view any denoised images in Renderview. Checking the logs it does appear to be creating an additional AOV with the denoised filter applied.

[aov] * "RGBA_denoise" of type RGBA filtered by "/out/Explosion5:denoise_optix_filter0" (denoise_optix_filter)

However this AOV isn't available in the dropdown AOV list (Display denoised AOV's is enabled). I've tried adding this as a custom AOV called RGBA_denoise as the docs seem to suggest, and this does yield a "C2" AOV - but there's some very broken buckets and nothing resembling an image at all.

Am I missing something perhaps? Should the Optix denoiser work in the Render View as it does with IPR in Maya? The docs also mention a blend parameter but am unable to find that on the Arnold ROP.

Any help appreciated!

Houdini 16.5.439

HtoA 3.0.1_r0f08864

Nvidia Drivers 390.48



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Hi Michael,

Currently you can either view the original or the denoised optix AOVs in the image viewer. If Display denoised AOVs is selected, you will see the denoised versions - but with the same name as the original.

We have a ticket to enable both original and denoised at the same time in the viewer.



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Thanks Julian...

I do have that working now

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