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Tri-planar node in Pref mode - Proper Configuration

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Tri-planar node in Pref mode - Proper Configuration

I am unable to get my textures to stick on a moving object with a tri-planar node in Pref mode despite what I believe to be the proper rest\Pref setup.


I've created the Pref attribute ahead of time before copying it from Rest to ensure that is using the 'position' sub-type as indicated in the Arnold docs.

This is how i'm reading in 'Pref' in my basic material. I'm using noise as my test texture but i've tried it with an image node as well.


I should also mention that the transform in my network is rotating the cube. That's being fed into the 'deforming' input of the rest node. The timeshift is doing a hold on the first frame and feeding into the 'rest' input. If I check the geometry spreadysheet, the values of rest\Pref are identical to P so it seems to be storing properly.

I've tried also using 'rest' instead of 'Pref'.

Not sure what i'm doing wrong.

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Here's another example of a failed setup :

How i'm setting up the object -


How i'm setting up my material -


Results :

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In your setup you create a new attribute with size 3, type float position. That creates an array of 3 positions per point, which might be confusing things.

This simpler setup works for me, give any name you want to the rest pose attribute and update that in the triplanar shader.


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To follow up, the issue was that I did not have Arnold Properties added at the object level. In my case, they don't get added automatically so when testing I didn't think they needed to be added.

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