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standard_surface and other Arnold nodes dissapearing, corrupting save files

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standard_surface and other Arnold nodes dissapearing, corrupting save files

Houdini 18.0.460

HtoA 5.3.0


This is a very simple Houdini node setup but caused a file to become corrupted and crash Houdini when opened in some instances that I can't replicate 100%.

The simple version of the entire node setup is just:

geo / matnet / arnold_materialbuilder / standard_surface connected to OUT_material

Saving this Houdini file, closing Houdini, reopening the file shows the standard_surface node has completely disappeared, not only from the network editor but from the entire node list as well. You can't place back the standard_surface node because it apparently doesn't exist anymore when you search for it in the tab menu. Creating a completely new file also shows that standard_surface still doesn't exist. I had to reinstall htoa to get it to show up again.

These shenanigans also extended to the fetch node as well somehow and maybe a few others, causing another one of my save files to be corrupted which I could no longer open. Luckily I have backups.

If it makes any difference, I also have Octane for Houdini installed which Arnold likes to overwrite HOUDINI_PATH and PATH in houdini.env when I install Arnold by the way.

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Just want to add that I had this today too. I closed/opened my houdini a couple if times and I could once again create a Standard Surface. They original one I had was gone though.

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Unfortunately I can't reproduce this.

I'm on Windows though.

I have /obj/matnet1/arnold_materialbuilder1/ with standard_surface1 connected to the OUT_Material.surface

Is anything logged by HtoA at startup (in the Houdini Console)?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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@Stephen Blair

I'm on Windows 10 Pro.

I've attached a zip of a scene I was working on that I opened today which failed to load Arnold nodes along with the Houdini console and error message that greeted me on Houdini startup / file opening.

Also zipped is the simple setup I described before as:

geo / matnet / arnold_materialbuilder / standard_surface connected to OUT_material

Also I have OCIO ACES enabled in Houdini via Windows environment variable but I have no idea if that saves in any way with the Houdini file or if it even is a cause of the problem I'm having.

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Solution: Open files inside Houdini Software.

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