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SSS and or Glass crash

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SSS and or Glass crash

Hello!! I am unable to render SSS or glass with arnold latest version ( using Gpu.


823MB ERROR   |  [gpu] an error happened during rendering. OptiX error is: CUDA
call (cuMemcpyAsync( reinterpret_cast<CUdeviceptr>( pinnedRequestContext->requestedPages
), reinterpret_cast<CUdeviceptr>( ), pinnedRequestContext->max
RequestedPages * sizeof( unsigned int ), stream ) ) failed with error: 'misaligned address
' (/home/S/gocd/pipelines/

       GPU 0 had 7089MB free before rendering started and 6193MB free when crash occurred

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Can you post a simplified repro here for us to debug? Ideally it'd be a sphere with the SSS and nothing else.

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Sure, here it is!! 

Thank you!!

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We haven't been able yet to make this crash on our end. Do you have the latest nvidia drivers? Are you rendering on just one GPU? If you start houdini from scratch (close houdini and reopen it) and try the sss-crashGPU scene does it still crash for you?

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Yes it crashes when openning the file i sent you. Also, if i try any kind of transparency. Using transmission, or even under geometry opacity. Another one with the same crash, is when using the curvature node together with a ramp rgb. I am under Linux Endeavour, Nvidia Driver 545.29.06. Cuda 12.1, GTX 1070 8gb vram.

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This looks like it might be a bug specific to pascal architecture GPUs (your GTX 1070 is this). We made ARNOLD-14649 for fixing this.

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Oh ok!! Is this build available as trial? I am using the trial watermarked version.

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Sorry for the confusion. ARNOLD-14649 is the internal ticket for working on this bug. When it's fixed, the release notes will reference this ticket number. All our fixes go into the arnold builds you can download. Whether you have a license or not doesn't matter since the builds are the same.

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This issue should be fixed in the latest version of Arnold Core ( and associated plugins. Please try that out and report back if you still have this issue.

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