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SOLVED: Toon Shader in Solaris contour filter locks up CPU, eats RAM

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SOLVED: Toon Shader in Solaris contour filter locks up CPU, eats RAM


I am having trouble getting the contour filter to function as expected with the toon shader in Solaris. When I set the filter type to contour and then render, CPU and RAM usage shoot up to 100% and the machine is locked up for some time. This is with a scene consisting of a few cubes. I am able to get the toon shader and contour filter to work fine in the regular HtoA Houdini Arnold ROP output workflow, the issue is specific to Solaris.

I am doing the following:

I import simple cubes geo from sops, apply a simple toon shader, lights, camera then create:
A render Var node with; Data type: color4f, Source Name: color, Source type: Raw, Format: color4f
Then create a Render Product node pointing to that render var node.
Then create a Render Settings node pointing to the render product,

Then when I render, the CPU and memory go to 100% for 10-15 minutes and nothing is ever rendered. This does not happen using the same input data in the regular HtoA workflow, I get an image with a contour edge as expected with no unusual CPU or RAM usage.

This is with Houdini 18.5.499 and htoa-

Is this expected? Anything else I can try?


EDIT: the problem was the view-port render settings were over riding my USD render settings and turning on progressive rendering, which apparently will cause slowdown and memory consumption with the contour filter. Thanks!

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