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Solaris subdivision uv's

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Solaris subdivision uv's

Hi everyone,


We are slowly moving our pipeline to Solaris with Arnold. However we are running into some issues regarding with rendertime subdivisions. When we set the attribute on the Geometry Rendersettings Lop it subdivides the geometry correctly, however the uv's are incorrect and distorted even if force those parameters as well. It seems the uv attribute isn't correctly set. In "normal" HtoA is does handle the subdivisions correctly so it seems like it's a Solaris implementation.


Hope someone has a solution for this.


Thanks in advance,



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Do you have an example scene? Seems to work fine for me in the latest HtoA

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Thanks for your reply,


I did some further digging. This mesh was coming in from Maya through an alembic imported in a sop create. If I export to USD directly from Maya it works as expected. So I think there are some attributes on the mesh that somehow mess up the mesh or some attributes missing.


In this test scene I created a mesh inside a sop create which has the same issues as the imported Alembic.


Thanks in advance,



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After quite some digging around I've found the solution...


Apparently you have to import the uv's as indexed primvars on the sop create lop.



This fixed the issue. Not sure what the indexed primvars actually do though. If someone has a good explanation that would be great in order to get better understanding.





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