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Solaris - Render Verbosity

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Solaris - Render Verbosity

I can't seem to find a way to add render verbosity in solaris, is it possible?

I suspect that the answer will be that it didn't make it into the current version of the solaris implementation, if that is the case, is it possible to add a property like arnold:global:log_verbosity 3 with an edit properties node? I tried it and found it doesn't work but perhaps it's a slight variation of this?

While I'm at it I should also ask if there is any way of passing user options to the render?

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Actually, my little trick did work, once I put a camera in my scene, lol. I found that adding a edit properties node that adds a name:value pair of (arnold:global:log_verbosity - 3) to the render settings primitive, will properly set the verbosity level.

I didn't notice a difference between 0-2. 3 gives me a little extra info like render progress. 4 gives me a lot of extra info. Kick has verbose levels of 0-6 so I'm guessing there is more debug info offered at 5 and 6.

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Somehow I also missed that there is a verbosity setting in the USD Render ROP. This is the easiest way of getting quick feedback.

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for arnold user a must


for windows users, put this line into your houdini.env

]it start houdini from shell.... then your can see printout from arnold all the time... super importent... sometimes arnold tell to optimize your scene and gives other useful warning..

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