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Rendering with Arnold in Houdini and Solaris using the HtoA plug-in.
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Solaris - ass file on a point attribute s@instancefile

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Solaris - ass file on a point attribute s@instancefile

Hello Gang, 

I have a crowd setup working wonderfully on the 'classic' houdini/arnold workflow.
In short, its a pointcloud inside the instance node with a s@instancefile value that points to a very specific file on disk.
Is there a way to replicate this workflow inside solaris/usd ? meaning, id like to deliver the ass file to hydra/arnold directly. Maybe something along the lines of:
{ primvar:'filepathtodisk.ass' }

Because i dont know any better about solaris, im finding myself obliged to rework/rebuild some aspects of the crowd, mainly clip offseting. Im using solaris instancer node with just Retime Prototypes enabled and its either me doing it wrong or its an absolute no go. Incredibly slow and eats RAM like freshly made popcorn.

There must be a way to deliver that ass file string and make arnold pick it back up and instance the procedural itself at render time.
Any ideas would be amazing thanks!

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