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Render View / IPR don't update properly on scene change

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Render View / IPR don't update properly on scene change

The render view tab and the IPR do not update when you delete, say, a cube from the scene. It will still show up in either render view despite being completely gone from the scene.

If this extra info helps: In my case, my scene has a grid and a cube with a mat context standard surface material applied to both of them and an arnold point light. Deleting the cube shows the cube not disappear from either render. Alternatively deleting the light does work and the renders turn black. I can move the camera around in the scene and the renders will update accordingly but the cube will still exist when it shouldn't.

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in reply to: AJUKking

oh man, that's the oldest Houdini issue. almost all renderers have some problem in Houdini. that's a downside if extreme procedural workflow.

that's why houdini 18 have now LOPs

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in reply to: schwungsau

I had no idea. I just started using htoa and I've never hears of LOPs. I'll check it out, thanks.

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in reply to: schwungsau

Unfortunately we can not use LOPS with HtoA, since it's still buggy !

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in reply to: Anonymous

Well that is disappointing. Thanks for making it known.

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in reply to: AJUKking

if you wanna use the power of arnold you need use Arnold operators for IPR rendering. not user friendliest system but very powerful.

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in reply to: AJUKking

IPR is still a work in progress, we know we're missing updates and we're working on it. A big focus recently was on updates for shader parameter changes.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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