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Render USD. Kick vs Husk

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Render USD. Kick vs Husk

I'm trying to figure out which direction to head with our new pipeline.

Are there any differences or caveats between batch rendering USD files with kick or husk we need to be aware of?


Is there anything one supports but the other one doesn't?

Is using husk a lot slower?


One major thing that comes to mind is how to batch render when using a custom Asset resolver? Seems like husk supports using a usd asset resolver through it's command line while I can't see anything similar for kick.

Would using an asset resolver kind of force us in the husk direction?

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Husk uses the render delegate, while kick uses the procedural. They support different features. I cannot tell you which ones but I know hair looks different between the two. 

The classic workflow is to work the shading and lighting in the viewport inside Solaris. So when it's time to render, it's safer to use husk since it will produce the same results visually. It's slower to get the scene to Arnold, but at least what you see is what you get. 

If you want to render with kick, you should not use the Solaris viewport and instead export a USD file and render with the Arnold procedural each time.


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