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Render points as normal facing disks

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Render points as normal facing disks

Hello, is it possible to render point cloud as disks oriented by normal attribute? Right now they seem to be always facing the camera, which results in incorrect speculars.

I tried to instance a circle on my point cloud, which produces expected results, but is impractically slow. I have around 80 milion of points.

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This feature would be equal to Use N For Point Rendering, which is present in Mantra.

From docs:

Mantra will initialize the N global from the N attribute when rendering point primitives. When disabled (the default), point normals will be initialized to face the camera.
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So I finally figured it out.
The solution is quite simple: I can get normal attribute into shader with User Data RGB node and pipe it into Normal input in Standard Surface in Gometry group.

One catch is that I couldn't use N as an attribute name even though it existed on geometry, but I had to duplicate N into normal attribute and use that instead. Probably a bug? But easy to workaround.

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