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Render large image in tiles

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Render large image in tiles


We have a project that we might take on that requires a VERY large render. If our math turns out to be correct we are potentially looking at a resolution of: 92.8k x 153.6k. It is supposed to be printed and used on a large garage door.

I wanted to find out whether or not I could break up the overall image into tiles. So one node on a farm can render a portion of the image, and then stitch/comp it all back together later after all images have been finished. Hopefully the image I am attaching gives you a better idea as to what I want to accomplish. Does Arnold have a way to accomplish this? We are using Houdini. If this isn't the place to put this, I apologize.8398-resolutiontiling.jpg

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If you export ass files and render them with kick, there's a -rg flag that lets you specify a render region.

Or if you use Deadline, I think that can break a frame down into tiles.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Thank you for getting back so quickly. I'm definitely going to try this out with Deadline, I had no idea it had this 'Jigsaw' feature. Thanks for adding a couple more tips to my knowledge on Arnold!

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Another option, if you have C4D or would be willing to do a one month subscription. C4DtoA has this feature built in. "Distribute still image over frames" allows you to choose the grid size of the render, so you can Team Render each grid square, and then reassemble. It could be possible to export an ASS and then import into C4D.

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You have to use the "film back".

In the camera settings - film back: you have to calculate the relationship between the parameters "Pre Scale" and "Film translate"

And finally animate the "film translate" values

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We are using Houdini for this particular project like I mentioned in my post, but thanks for the tip in Maya 😉

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Deadline is a good option for this it has a lot of really nice tiling features that work very well, and it will automatically reassemble your tiles into one large .exr and handles multi-pass stuff just fine.

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