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Rendering with Arnold in Houdini and Solaris using the HtoA plug-in.
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Render getting slower in the process

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Render getting slower in the process


I am rendering a scene in houdini at the moment which is slowing down in the process. I have really low samples (3AA/ rest is on 2, light samples on 1). Ray samples are all on 1 except transmission and transparency are on 2.

The scene consists of 2 transparent objects which are melting and mixing during the sim. everything is cached and things i don´t need are turned off.

the first couple of frames one frame takes about 3-4 minutes which is really fine but after some frames it takes about 10 min allthough there is not much this normal or am i missing something here?


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Most scenes should be able to go at close to 100% cpu utilization. If your computer is overheating, that would indeed be a problem. Arnold runs all the cores at full utilization so it can place greater demands on your computer.

I think at this point it looks like you either have a hardware problem or some non-arnold software problem. Try installing hwinfo and monitoring your CPU stats as you render. If you notice arnold getting slow as the temperature hits a certain value, it could very well be your CPU slowing itself down on purpose so it doesn't burn up.

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ye the thing was my computer was full of malware which caused my cpu being always fully occupied and the temperature on over 80°....sure thing you can´t render anything like the log again and everything is lot faster now and there is no heating up...when there is no line at the end of the log file where is says something over the cpu i guess it´s fine and using the full potential right?

thanks a lot for the help and being patient with me. greetings and take care!

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