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Problems loading Udims in Solaris/Htoa

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Problems loading Udims in Solaris/Htoa

Hi everyone!

We have a Character that uses Udims textures and we are facing this problem in Solaris.

When rendering directly in the hydra viewport everything appears fine.

But when trying to use a Usd_Render_rop in the OUT context, that points to the Arnold render setting node as the Lop path, we first get these errors on all textures:

00:00:00 662MB ERROR | [texturesys] could not read resolved image filename = "../../../../../disk/x/x/x/x/x/publish/textures/v002/mapName.1013.tif"

We do use the <udim> token.

While debugging, one of us tought about forcing the path to the texture using a user data string. After doing so, the error changed to this:

00:00:00 667MB ERROR | [texturesys] /assetname/materials/render/ai_lionBody/lion/materials/render/ai_lionBody/image7: Cannot retrieve ImageSpec of a UDIM-like virtual file (filename = "/disk/x/x/x/x/x/publish/textures/v002/mapName.<UDIM>.tif")

Permission of files on disk seemed okay also.

Does anyone got any clues of what we are doing wrong or if it's a bug somewhere?

houdini 18.0.532 / HtoA 5.4.0 / Arnold

Thanks in advance


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in reply to: slylebeau

Hi @Sylvain Lebeau

This is a known issue and we are looking into it. AFAIK it's related to using a relative vs absolute path for udims, and absolute paths should work.



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in reply to: pal.mezei

Hi Pal! Thanks for the feedback!

As far as I know we are indeed using absolute paths.


unsure what is going wrong.


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Hi @Pal Mezei !

Both of relative and absolute path are doing the same pattern. I also tried to save in a different folder (to change the amount of ../../) but there is always the same error.



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Hi folks. Any news on this? Just got myself facing this issue today.

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in reply to: slylebeau

Same issue here, using absolute paths, but even though textures are rendering in hydra, when rendering to a file, or rendering the usd as a procedural, textures are missing. Doing crowds so usd is kinda the only option.

Would be nice to have an update of where we are at with this one @Pal Mezei

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in reply to: dlekanis

Hi Dimitris!

As far as we know, this was fixed in one of the Houdini 18.5 releases a while ago when SideFx backported a fix from a newer USD version to their USD 20.8 build. There are some limitations like you can't mix Arnold tokens and the <udim> token.

Please try using <UDIM> instead of <udim>, and let me know how it goes.

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in reply to: pal.mezei

Thanx for the reply, will give newer build a go and I will let you know how it goes.


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in reply to: slylebeau

it seems the problem is back

H403 htoa 403 as well, hydra renders properly but then render object is red

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in reply to: sami.tawil

ok so if you sue .<udim>. it works in hydra but not at render time

if you use .<UDIM>. then it works for both

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