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Pref in houdini

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Pref in houdini


I'm trying to set up a Pref pass for a simple animated object in houdini/arnold. Im generally a maya user & its as simple as making a texture ref copy of the aniamted object & turning on the pref AOV there, seems not as straight forward in houdini .

any help greatly appreciated


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Did you see the bottom of this page?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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there's nothing there
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You mean this ;
"The Pref attribute must be of type "Float" (size 3) and sub-type of "Position". In Arnold's terms, it's userdata of type PNT. To add Pref to an object first create a rest node to make the reference pose and then create a Pref attribute."

Adding that with the link would be really helpful
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The Pref that this creates has 0, 8, or 16 channels ( depending on the Rest node settings, default creates nothing ), where for example P has x,y & z, this has Pref[0] through Pref [15], and every value is 0.0 except for the first and every 4th channel, which is 1.0. Even if I could figure out how to convert this into a vector or float, everything in the aov would just be solid red.

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I should mention that I'm importing/rendering .ass files, non-deforming geo, thanks for any advice.
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It appears that the Pref value is the *same* as the rest value - ? Unchanged? If that's the case, then all I need to do is get that rendered into rgb, which is pretty straightforward

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