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Rendering with Arnold in Houdini and Solaris using the HtoA plug-in.
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Plugin not loading

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Plugin not loading

Hello. Just installed the new version, but the plugin its not loading, using the new packages, nor houdini env.

Is there anything special, to make it load?


Linux, Rocky Linux.


Thank you!


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it's also not working for me. however using old method with houdini.env file seems to be working well.

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Is there an htoa.json package in ~/houdiniX.X/packages ?

What's the different between it and the env file?

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Can you share your houdini env?

Also, i am using a demo version of arnold, maybe thats the problem?


Thank you!

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at the end of houdini.env I added path to htoa directory: HOUDINI_PATH=/home/redx/Programs/htoa/htoa-;&


Stephen - yes, there is htoa.json file in that directory but I think it is trying to add some suffixes (py and gcc versions) to HTOA_ROOT variable which is wrong since it already points to correct full htoa directory. I am attaching the file which is not working

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here is the adjusted json file which is working. paths are hardcoded. change 3 paths on line 6, 9 and 15 to match your htoa install directory. also add /scripts/bin on line 15

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Hey all,

Thanks Peter for the example workaround! I've made a ticket to fix this (HTOA-2579) for the next hotfix 

The goal was to take a step towards more dynamic packages (like querying the python version instead of hardcoding it in the HtoA installer), apologies for the inconvenience of needing to patch this manually

// Tom Minor
// Arnold Developer, HtoA
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Correct me if I am wrong but additionally the new Arnold License Manager v1.3.5 seems not to be working, at least not on deb linux distros. When activating single user license the sign in window does not show up. Tested on popos 22.04, ubuntu 22.04 and debian13. Same error on all three.


The workaround is to manually remove all license manager packages - adlmapps..., adskidentitymanager..., adskflexnetclient..., adsklicensing...

Then rollback to htoa v6.2.5.3 which uses older license manager v1.3.4 which seems to be still working well.

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