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Only first unique ASS rendering with instancing, Any idea why?

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Only first unique ASS rendering with instancing, Any idea why?

Hey, I wonder if anyone can shed any light on this.

I have 10 .ass files and 11908 points. Using fast point instancing with a unique instancefile per point, I am able to render in houdini and also via hqueue with no issues. but if I try rendering an ASS to then kick locally/ or use on another farm. I get the same issue, which is that I will only see 10 objects in the render. (presumably the first unique instance for each point )

I tested this by assigning the same instancefile path to every point. and low and behold- only 1 point/instanced object was in the render.

Paths don't seem to be an issue (Each .ass will render) and The log shows 11908 meshes (so it's recognizing the scene point count)

Any thoughts would be much appreciated

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in reply to: Anonymous

Can you post the full Arnold log?

11908 polymesh nodes? or ginstances or procedurals?

either the visibility is not set, or the instances are all at the same position

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Yeah, Thanks for looking, I'll attach here. It says polymesh in the log. This log is for just 1 unique instancepath.


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in reply to: Anonymous

I would check the visibility and matrix parameters of those polymeshes (by loading the ass file into a text editor).

You can double check the visibility by doing this with kick:

kick -set polymesh.visibility 255

That forces all polymesh nodes to be visible. If you still see just 10, then they must be all at the same positions.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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