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Rendering with Arnold in Houdini and Solaris using the HtoA plug-in.
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M1 Compatibility for HtoA

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M1 Compatibility for HtoA

I just dowloaded HtoA for houdini 19.5.640.py37.  The install went smoothly, I set the environment variable and tried rendering my scene, but it didn't work.  I get some python errors spit back at me, and I'm wondering if it has to with python 3.7 to 3.9 compatibility.  Not sure how to fix that though, or if it's an issue with the M1 build's of Houdini.



I'm receiving this error when I try to render. 


Would be great to get some help!



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You have the Python 3.9 version of Houdini, and the Python 3.7 version of HtoA, and that won't work.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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I thought so.  M1 versions of Houdini only use 3.9 correct?

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There is no M1 version of HtoA yet, you have to run under Rosetta.
HtoA is available for both Python 3.7 and Python 3.9

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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I gotcha. Thanks for the info!  Do you have a link for Rosetta availabe?

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All the versions of Arnold work under rosetta. BUT, the m1 native version was just released a few days ago 🙂

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