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Rendering with Arnold in Houdini and Solaris using the HtoA plug-in.
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Lights not working inside Solaris

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Lights not working inside Solaris

Hey folks. I'm studying this scene/USD assembly and using solaris. As I add lights, its like nothing happens with Arnold. Karma does light the scene properly. Tried to raise substantially the exposure to make sure it wasn't the problem, and no difference. The only visible light is a default one that ooks like a white dome. This one lights the scene and I can't seem to turn it off

It happened before but somehow I got away with it as far as I remember. Don't know how I managed to fix it. Do you guys know what might be causing it?

Using Houdini latest (18.5.633) and htoa latest ( Mac OS Big Sur and Windows 10, both systems. Using a render settings node, rendering in MPlay with a USD Render ROP node doesnt change a thing.

Not using the py3 builds.

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They all work for me.

For Distant, I had to enable Normalize Power

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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If I go to obj level, import the usd then render it outside solaris, it works fine, but I cant work inside solaris this way. Any tips? Cant figure this out

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here it goes, folks:

a simples cube + sphere light. in karma works fine.

cant solve this and dont know why. arnold is activated and it just ignores lights. in windows, same behavior. =(


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in karma. just to mention that exporting the usd and rendering it in arnold - whether in max, maya or houdini's object level - works fine. its just not working inside solaris


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Got it. Inside Solaris, Arnold does not compute shaderless geometries with a simple grey surface like in other DCC or even in Houdini but outside Solaris. Cant believe it. Lol.

As I'm working in a rough layout, just added a grey standard surface to all primitives for now. God...

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