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Last HtoA in a more recent version of Houdini

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Last HtoA in a more recent version of Houdini

Is there any way to make it work the latest version of HtoA in a slightly more recent version of Houdini?

For example, now there is a new version of Houdini: 16.5.473, but the last version you can use HtoA is 16.5.439 (on 3.0.1), there is any way to take this latest HtoA version of 439 and make it work in 473, it is suppose that is not that different, as is just ONE correlative production version (and is not a major version like trying to make work houdini 16 in 16.5, or a minor version but with several productions versions in the middle)...

Sometimes we have to wait for a long time in order to have Arnold into the lastest production version of Houdini, which has a lot of fixes and features and is ready to production, but not having a version of HtoA to work with, we are not being able to upgrade. If there is a way to make it work the previous version in the new one... Even as a workaround while waiting should be GREAT.


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in early version, you just have to replace the name in both houdini.env file and houdini install dir, to match Houdini version like this:
htoa-3.0.1_r0f08864_houdini-16.5.439 to htoa-3.0.1_r0f08864_houdini-16.5.473.
Unfortunately Houdini crash at startup, with this error:
11604: Fatal error: Segmentation fault
This also happen if you try to load Redshift
no crash with Renderman 21
So you have to wait for new HtoA version

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In the past, we have been encountering slight ABI changes that have lead to subtle, hard to debug crash or bugs. This is why you should always stick to the Houdini version that HtoA was built against.

A new release of HtoA is imminent that will support the latest 16.5.473 production version.

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I was just trying to fill the gap, when a Houdini version is released, and the time to wait for the htoa version of it... Sometimes the time could be weeks, and I think more than a month... so, was just for that.. it should be interesting to have kind of like a checkbox for support upcoming version (under your own responsibility) because most of the time is a minor change that doesn't involve anything related with htoa, and is a must for production... What do you think? Shouldn't be a great feature?

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And why it takes a long time to get the plugin for a new version? I mean, we are not talking about new features or fixes, but to have something to work with like the previous version...

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Are someone replying about the enhancement feature proposal?

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It is really painful to wait WEEKS for the htoa in the latest production version of Houdini, and it looks that you don't pay attention on that, and it is a serious issue. And in my humble opinion in most of the situations it could be safe to allow to support an upper version (at your own risk), as most likely it just have bug fixes... even not related (most likely) with the htoa boundaries...

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We have to recompile for different versions of Houdini. We can't recommend using a different version, because it will come back as hard support cases and frustrated customers.

The next HtoA update isn't just about the Houdini version, but also bug fixes and updates to support a new Arnold core.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: Anonymous

I am not agree. As the feature I am asking for is just for convenience, and out of support (at your own risk)... so I don't understand why not doing it...

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in reply to: Anonymous

Again, another version of Houdini, a month to get the new htoa... I don't like the system... Will try to explore mantra... cause I don't think it does scale well.

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