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Is there an Arnold "daily build" equivalent?

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Is there an Arnold "daily build" equivalent?

I am just wondering if there is some sort of daily build for Arnold render, like so many other render engines? The update cycle for arnold isn't necessarily too slow, but there seem to be a lot of random bugs even in the new arnold 6 release, particularly in houdini it crashes a lot and randomly, from doing basic stuff. Like changing material settings while rendering, trying to render on GPU, you can have a scene that works, start and stop GPU 10 times and somewhere along the way it will just fails never start rendering and there is no way to get it running without a complete restart of houdini, and then you are back at hoping it works at all again...

So bottom line, if there is a build that is considered "not production ready" but has more rapid updates, I would love to use that as right now, I keep running into annoying walls that prevents me from wanting to use Arnold more seriously, its simply a frustrating experience more than not compared to so many of its competitors.

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Hotfix releases address these issues.

Can you create new questions with more detailed information for any issues that you may have with reproducible scenes and log files (see panel on the right)?

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist

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