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Imager denoising via husk problems.

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Imager denoising via husk problems.

When rendering with karma the optix and oidn denoisers work both in the viewport as well as in husk which means we can render with the denoisers on our render farm in batch/command line mode.


It seems like the arnold imagers denoisers only work in the viewport and not via husk. I do get warnings about missing GPUs if the job is run on a machine without GPU but if it runs on a machine with a gpu the render goes through without any errors but no denoising happens.

Is imagers via husk not supported or are we just using it wrong?


Also in karma the oidn work on both cpu and gpu meaning their denoiser also work on non gpu render farm machines which is awesome while it seems your implementation of oidn requires a gpu and gives an error if run on a non gpu machine.
Is this the expected behaviour?

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I just tested OIDN with husk, and the denoiser worked. I can use either CPU or GPU, but by default the denoiser is set to auto, so it chooses what it thinks is the best device.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: AlexOddbratt

Thanks for the reply Stephen.


I did another test and you are correct that OIDN seems to work with husk but only when using the raster product type. If I set it to arnold instead I don't get any denoising with husk only in the viewport.


Also no matter what I try I just can't get aov denoising working in either the viewport or in husk. 

As a test I'm just adding the "direct" aov and then in the layer selection field on the imager I've tried "RGBA and direct" as well as "RGBA or direct" but non of these work. I've tried to follow the docs but I must be doing something wrong.

Is there some magical combo I need to be using to get aov denoising working? 

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I logged the problem with husk and denoiser as:

imagers do not work with husk and arnold product type


There's a known issue with imagers (including denoisers) and aovs like direct. In non-Solaris, it manifests as imagers and layer selection working with merged EXRs only. In Solaris, because of how the Arnold drivers are set up, the imagers are being applied only to the beauty.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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