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Rendering with Arnold in Houdini and Solaris using the HtoA plug-in.
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HtoA - Missing Some Features that C4d and Maya have

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HtoA - Missing Some Features that C4d and Maya have

I am starting to try to migrate my workflow from C4d and Arnold over to Houdini and Arnold. Two questions I have:


1. Is Arnold in Houdini ever going to get its own framebuffer/ipr like redshifts. So it gets back the UI functionality and speed that Maya and C4d have. I have noticed the ipr in Houdini is considerably slower with constantly having to restart the renderer. Redshift does this with their own render view, is that something Houdini is working on at all?


2. I miss having the AOV manager in Houdini. It is really time consuming to set up all the aovs the current process. Is this something they are working on?

Thank you

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I just bought Arnold for Houdini after using it in 3ds Max a bit and being impressed with how fast and responsive the 3ds Max implementation.

But I was a bit disappointed when I realized that there is no IPR in Houdini. I was looking around asking myself but where is it? We have 64 core machines but still takes several seconds before the render starts in the render view and it also makes the viewport manipulations stutter a lot. Still useful for changing lights and say intensity of lights, but I would not want to move things around without pausing.

I used Redshift/Octane in Houdini for years in Houdini and their IPR implementation works much better (since they have one). I especially like in them that you can add postfilters like glow and flares when you are testing bright light sources. So would be great if the Arnold team implements an IPR at a point for Houdini since it would make it much more fluid to work with. Houdini and Arnold seems like a perfect match otherwise.

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