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[HtoA 3.2.0] Cache Shader Network as .ASS

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[HtoA 3.2.0] Cache Shader Network as .ASS

Hello, we are looking for ways to cache and store Arnold Shader Networks in our pipeline.

The idea is, that once a network of shaders is complete, they get cached out for use later on in the pipeline. We have done this before in Arnold 4, where we created a primitive for each shader, cached it out as an ass file, then when needed we could load the ass file, turn on "Load at Init" and then the geometry would look for the shader at render time.

It seems like in Arnold the "Load At Init" has disappeared from the Arnold Procedural node and I cannot recreate this functionality. I have tried creating the "ar_load_at_init" parameter on the node but this doesn't seem to work.

Is this something no longer available, would there be an alternative solution? We just need a way to write out shaders to track them and publish them on our pipeline.

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All procedurals are "loaded at init" now

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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