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How to display the arnold texture map in the houdini window

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How to display the arnold texture map in the houdini window

Hi! Hello everyone, there are ways to make the houdini window always display arnold material properties and textures. The houdini version used is 17.5.258, and the arnold version used is 4.1.1. As long as you follow the houdini rule map, you can display it in the houdini window. You can extract the material parameters and package them, or write a python plugin or write a script for one-click conversion. In fact, if arnold officially can write the rules into the material is the most perfect. Finally, a bug was reported. At present, all arnold versions supporting houdini17.5 have material BUG. It does not work with the material. How to call out the material does not respond, reopen the saved file. The material nodes in the material package are all lost, and you cannot create new materials. This file is completely useless, unless a new houdini is opened, the material library is back to normal. I hope that the official can solve these two problems, the material bug has no way to make htoa for production.



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Are you able to share the file that causes the material bug? Is it only this file with the customisation that is causing the bug?

Ashley Handscomb Retallack
Senior Software Engineer (Arnold)
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Almost all files will be encountered, and since htoa4.0, this problem has always existed. I really hope that the next few versions of arnold will solve this bug well, and the houdini view shows the material problem. Since there are ways to achieve it, I really hope that you can improve this aspect. Allows users to work more efficiently and directly, rather than all material objects being grayed out.

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