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Houdini instances (.ass) scatter: how to change color per instance?

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Houdini instances (.ass) scatter: how to change color per instance?

I made a bush with a bunch of leaves. I'm able to export it as an .ass and scatter many copies on a terrain with these nodes:
1. arnold_procedural (to browse the .ass file)
2. Instance (to place those .ass onto my scattered points)

One thing I'm missing is how to change the color of each instance. How can I use a float attribute (like f@myRandValue) from my scattered points to affect the shader of each instance?

I was already using the UserColorRGB to have random leaf colors on one bush, but I don't get how to change the colors per instance.

-Olivier 8098-houdini-arnold-color-per-instance-b.jpg

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For the bushes? - color_jitter

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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No, I mean, I'm already using point @Cd to drive the random leaves colors (youd can see that in the image). How can I use point attribute on the scattered points to drive the color per bush. One bush could be orange while the one next to it could be green, etc.

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Nobody has tried this before?

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Either with color_jitter (used on the shapes inside the ass file), like Lee wrote, or with user data on the instance that use in the shader tree of the shapes inside the ass file.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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