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Rendering with Arnold in Houdini and Solaris using the HtoA plug-in.
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Houdini for Arnold IPR and overall workflow

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Houdini for Arnold IPR and overall workflow

I have been a user or arnold renderer and i absolutely love it over every other renderer. For all the reasons, ha. My only issue i was doing stuff in c4d and and a supervisor wanted me to get into the pipe in houdini. I feel like the workflow is severely lacking compared to maya and c4d. Its considerably slower in my opinion, adding aovs is extremely annoying and cumbersome. I wish it had its on ipr that matched c4d or maya. Redshift and Octane both have this in houdini and for me some of those top toolbars in c4d are things i use all the time. Even the quick ability to change render settings or preview settings size for viewing is so key. Are there plans to update arnold in houdini to have more of its own ipr set up?


I also find adding aovs and custom aovs very time consuming compared to c4d where you can just drag the passes you want and then it's done.  Are there any plans for that as well? 

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