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houdini 16.5 arnold light blocker

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houdini 16.5 arnold light blocker

hello! Does anyone have a fix for using light blockers in houdini16.5 with arnold5? Currently light blockers don't have any viewport controls, all you get is a Geometry matrix...Is it possible to connect the matrix to a grid or something user friendly?

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Light Blocker HtoA:

How to create a light blocker for HtoA houdini 16.5 just like MtoA

1-Create Arnold Light

2-Create a box and name it : "lightblock_1"

3-In your arnold light Filters click on the arrow to enter the shopnet

4-Create a light blocker and link it to the light filter1

5-Edit the parameter interface of the light Blocker by adding an Integer and name it "pram" and label it "Selection"

6-Set the Selection value to "1"

7-In the Geometry Matrix from the light blocker change these rows by the value mentioned below:

a) row 1 col 1: ch("../../../../lightblock_"+ch("parm")+"/sx")
b) row 2 col 2: ch("../../../../lightblock_"+ch("parm")+"/sy")
c) row 3 col 3: ch("../../../../lightblock_"+ch("parm")+"/sz")
d) row 4 col 1: ch("../../../../lightblock_"+ch("parm")+"/tx")
e) row 4 col 2: ch("../../../../lightblock_"+ch("parm")+"/ty")
f) row 4 col 3: ch("../../../../lightblock_"+ch("parm")+"/tz")
g) row 4 col 4: 1


8-In your geometry box named "lightblock_1", uncheck all the checkboxes in the visibility tab ( so the geometry doesn't show up in the render, but shows up in the viewport)

9-Now by moving and scaling the box in your viewport it will move the light blocker accordingly

10-You can duplicate the box and it should be named: "lightblock_2" and also duplicate the light blocker in the light shopnet and link it to the second filter and set its "Selection" to 2

11-Move the second box and it should make a new light blocker and work just fine.

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