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Hair cache can not assign material properly in operator in Houdini

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Hair cache can not assign material properly in operator in Houdini

hi, I have some questions about assigning material to hair cache in Houdini, thanks in advance.

The purpose to use:

I have a hair group(contains many part of body hair, like hair, eyebrow, eyelash, etc..), in object context I can use a geometry node to create this hair group, and put the hair caches (body hair and eyelash somethings) in the geometry node. I can assign material for each hair cache with different materials, this is the traditional way. However this is not what I was going to do because the caches or materials will keep updating, so I wish to keep cache in object context and use arnold "assigne_material" operator to assign material in out context.

Below are the difficulty I hit:

1. I can use one single material to assign entire hair geometry node (/obj/char_hair_grp/*), this way work. but if i try to use path (/obj/char_hair_grp/body_fur_FileCache/*), this is not working, the hair rendered with pure white color likes and looks broken. I tried as many type path as I can to filter the hair cache, but I can't make it works. can anyone tell me what was wrong?

2. I have tested solaris arnold, the hair cache has same broken result rendered as pure white, can not even get any assigned shader work, I assuming this is the similar as operator, maybe it has to filter specific path then assign the shader?

Many thanks




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