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Does Arnold not have a progress bar?

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Does Arnold not have a progress bar?

When I hit 'Render to Disk' on an Arnold ROP in Houdini, literally nothing happens:

- There's no sort of indication that the render has been successfully started

- There's no progress bar updating during the render

- Perhaps most crucially, there doesn't seem to be any way to cancel the render once it's started


Is this a bug? Should these things be appearing? Otherwise, this is terrible UI/UX, and lacking something I have seen in literally every other rendering solution I've used in the last 20 years!


I mean, I can go to the folder where the image is being rendered and just watch it, but that's not exactly ideal.


Edit: just noticed that there is actually a timer and way to cancel in the bottom left of Houdini's main window, but a progress bar would still be nice. And the way to cancel is to press escape, which is something which could easily be pressed while doing something else, so it's not an optimal way to have that set up in my opinion.

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Hi Steve ,

I could be wrong but the Houdini render progress bars appears only when you launch a render sequence not on single frames.



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I brought this up recently in another post. There should be an Mplay monitor when rendering to disk. Frankly, this productivity hole is inexplicable.

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