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Cryptomatte conflict with Noice AOV

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Cryptomatte conflict with Noice AOV

So I set up crypto shader and assign to arnold rop's AOV shader

then I created for example diffuse and diffuse_variance for each AOV I want to denoise later.

But the thing is whenever crypto shader assigned, Arnold can't render out variance pass.

If I take out the crypto AOV shader then the variance appeared in the final render exr.


And before in maya if I put denoice imager for an exr with crypto pass inside it then it will break the crypto pass


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There is a known issue with cryptomatte and the Arnold denoiser.
Cryptomatte dynamically updates the Arnold outputs (the list of AOVs), and that can break the Arnold denoiser (because the information needed by noice is not output after cryptomatte makes it's changes)

For reference, the ticket number is ARNOLD-9636

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Thanks for the information

Sorry but I already googled but cant not find the ticket list of Arnold

Maybe Arnold should create a seperated file for cryptomatte when render like Redshift

By that way noice will never affect cryptomatte

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Arnold tickets are not public. It's an internal resource.


You can set up the AOVs so that everything goes into separate EXRs.

But cryptomatte is still going to be updating the list of outputs, so the very same thing could easily happen.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Oh I see

thanks for the clarification
I will check the release notes for this ticket number.

Is there anywhere for submitting wish list feature?

As a daily user I really want to be able to collapse all the aov, reference to another aov node like imagers, something like that

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When using Cryptomatte and Noice AOV together, there can be conflicts due to the way these features work. Cryptomatte is a technique used for efficient object-based masking in crypto  compositing, while Noice AOV (Arbitrary Output Variable) provides additional control over denoising specific.

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