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Rendering with Arnold in Houdini and Solaris using the HtoA plug-in.
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Command line render not exiting the process

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Command line render not exiting the process


We are facing issue with Houdini and Arnold renders
Job status remains running even after render done.
Because of this issue blades are always occupied, doing nothing only consumes electricity.


is there any way to read the render log and complete job automatically via script?


It would be great if someone suggest any workaround to solve the issue.
Thank you in advance

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in reply to: pravin0056

What's running what? In the end is it kick or is it husk or is it hpython?
An Arnold render log ends like this:

00:00:46   254MB         |  releasing resources
00:00:46   244MB         |  Arnold shutdown

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: pravin0056

If this is linux, can you run "gstack <pid_of_your_hung_process>" and post the output here? There's a chance that might tell us where/why it's hung.

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in reply to: Stephen.Blair

Hi @Stephen.Blair 


Thank you for the reply.

We are using Hython and hick with on Linux (Rocky 8 )to submit the renders.

as I checked hython-bin and hick-bin process remains running after writing render image.


Render Log Stuck on mentioned line :

STDOUT: 00:06:33 46413MB | [hick] renderUpdateHandler: update_type[AI_RENDER_UPDATE_FINISHED] status[AI_RENDER_STATUS_FINISHED] output_to_display[AI_DISPLAY_OUTPUT_ALL]

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in reply to: thiago.ize

Hi @thiago.ize 


Thank you for mentioning gstack or pstack learned something new today 🙂

As I already mentioned Hython-bin and Hick-bin process still running since 1+ hour even after render finished in 12 min.


I have attached hick process gstack log with this thread.

Also attached Hick and Hython process detail Screenshot.

as per the scenario Hython is waiting to finish hick process to complete the loop and exit.


Can you please go through gstack log and help me understand the the issue.


Thank you

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in reply to: pravin0056

Thanks, the gstack info shows that hick is indeed still in its while loop waiting for further instructions and the rest of the Arnold threads look like they are idling doing nothing -- both are waiting for further instructions and that's your hang. Do you happen to have a verbose level Arnold log you can share?


I also noticed you're running htoa which was released half a year ago. There's been some bug fixes since then which might be related to this. Could you try upgrading to the latest htoa to see if this is already fixed?

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in reply to: thiago.ize

Hi @thiago.ize 


As per your suggestion Upgraded the HtoA version to still facing same issue.

As I already mentioned renders stuck on :

[hick] renderUpdateHandler: update_type[AI_RENDER_UPDATE_FINISHED] status[AI_RENDER_STATUS_FINISHED] output_to_display[AI_DISPLAY_OUTPUT_ALL]


Kindly check attached render log and let me know if there is any issue or workaround to complete the renders.

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in reply to: pravin0056

Can you check if hbatch is running when this hang occurs? If it's not, that is likely the cause of the problem (hbatch crashed). Until that is fixed, this might also indicate a workaround. Since hbatch is what creates hick, if hbatch is not running and hick is, that is a clear indication that something went wrong and you can kill hick after the "AI_RENDER_STATUS_FINISHED" message appears.

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in reply to: pravin0056



2023-07-25 10:33:19: 0: DEBUG: ManagedProcess.HandleStdoutLine: parsing stdout: 00:20:37 45898MB | [clmv1] Enter idle state

2023-07-25 10:33:19: 0: STDOUT: 00:20:37 45898MB | [clmv1] Enter idle state



After writing the exr it also adds this line after a while .

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