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Colored Mesh lights?

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Colored Mesh lights?


Any way to present colored Mesh lights?

Like this:1607471866278.png

My mesh light can emit colored lighting, but the light itself is always white, even with very low intensity.

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in reply to: elon_wu

Hi @Elon! I was a bit interested in your mesh light problem so I did a quick test (in C4DtoA 3.2.0 and Arnold core Everything seems to work correctly on my end. The sphere is 100 % diffusion and 0 % specular and you can see if being affected by the mesh's light color.

But a funny thing I noticed is that the colored sections and their area of light influence seem to have an offset. No idea why this happens... 🙂

Was this what you're looking for or did I misunderstand your question??


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in reply to: elon_wu

Yeah, I would be a little bit wary of using mesh lights as a light source, except in "simple" cases. Here's an example where I smoothed the RGB ramp driving the emissions and as you can see in the reflections the ramp is still very much a step interpolation. Mesh lights are cool but use with caution... 🙂


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in reply to: elon_wu

Hi, @Peter Fagerberg. Thank you for your reply. My problem actually came from a small oversight... and has been solved.

I'm also interested in the lose of control of the light influence in your test. Have you solved it? 🙂

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in reply to: elon_wu

Good to hear that it worked out for you!

I'm sure the super-dudes (and dudettes?) at Arnold can provide a simple explanation for the behavior. Maybe it's just the way mesh-lights are supposed to work?

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