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Can UserDataColor read custom attributes from a HDA?

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Can UserDataColor read custom attributes from a HDA?

I have a HDA reading a geo sim, and I can see all my custom attributes in the 'extra attributes' tab but arnold doesn't seem able to read these. Arnold will read the geo sim if i export as an abc but i'm wondering if there's a way to read same geo via a HDA?

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user data shaders can read user data from Arnold shape nodes (like polymesh or procedural).

What do you get for an HDA in an ass file? And are the user data values there?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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ok, so with simplified geo, engine will read hdas in maya and their shape attributes fine and also a .ass containing hda will also pass on attributes fine.
I just have some bad geo..
(// Warning: Attempted to create 971876 face-vertices, but only 970880 face-vertices were created. // // Warning: This likely means that the Houdini Digital Asset is outputting bad geometry that Maya cannot handle. As a result, other attributes (such as UVs and color sets) cannot be transferred.)

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