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camera name being included in aov string list in ass

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camera name being included in aov string list in ass


I am not sure why, but arnold has suddenly changed the format of aov strings in the ass files, breaking some compatibility for us.

I am expecting this:

outputs 3 1 STRING    
  "RGBA RGBA /out/arnold1:gaussian_filter /out/arnold1:exr:cam1"    
  "crypto_object RGB /out/arnold1:gaussian_filter /out/arnold1:exr:cam1 HALF"    
  "crypto_material RGB /out/arnold1:gaussian_filter /out/arnold1:exr:cam1 HALF"

but now am getting this:

outputs 3 1 STRING 
  "/obj/cam1 RGBA RGBA /out/arnold1:gaussian_filter /out/arnold1:exr:cam1"
  "/obj/cam1 crypto_object RGB /out/arnold1:gaussian_filter /out/arnold1:exr:cam1 HALF"
  "/obj/cam1 crypto_material RGB /out/arnold1:gaussian_filter /out/arnold1:exr:cam1 HALF"

The camera is now being added to the beginning of the string. Im not sure why its started doing this, or if theres a tickbox I need tick on/off.

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To add to this, it seems like it does this when there are multiple cameras in the hip file. deleting a few of them fixes this.

Is there a way to control which cameras arnold can see?

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That is part of the support for multiple-camera rendering, and I think it's been like that for a long time (six years probably). What compatibility is broken?

If you set ar_multicam = 0 on the Arnold ROP, that should prevent it.

I didn't test with cryptomatte (which does its own updates to the outputs statements).

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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