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Bug - Object Merge ignores Render Flag

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Bug - Object Merge ignores Render Flag

Hi, I just noticed what looks like an issue in HtoA.

It might be a normal behavior but that
's not really what I expected.


Let's say I have a sphere, on which I add a Subdivide SOP node and a Mountain SOP node.

I set the Render Flag to the Mountain SOP and the Display Flag to the base Sphere SOP node so I can visualize the low res sphere in the viewport and have the displaced sphere in the render.

If I just press render, it all works fine as per the first image.















But, if for some reasons, I bring in my sphere in another node through an Object Merge (pointing at the Geometry node containing the sphere) and that I try to render this node, it ignores the Render flag and renders the node that has the Display flag instead (in this case, the non displaced sphere), like on the second image.















I've joined a test scene.


Houdini version: 19.5.605 Py3.9

Arnold Version: (haven't updated to to test if it solves this as this issue doesn't appear to have been fixed in the patch note)


As I said, it sounds like a correct behavior but at the same time, I would expect it to render the displaced sphere instead (ie. that Htoa "respects" the display flags).

I don't know how it works with other renderer so I don't know if it's an Arnold or Houdini "issue".


Thank you!

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in reply to: XtaaZ

It's not about visibility flags. It's about what gets cooked by Houdini. You do have a geo node with two outputs.


If you merge that node, - Houdini will have to choose one of those outputs. And it chooses the one with the display flag. You do see the plain sphere not because of its render/visibility flags but because that's the only geo that is cooked by the merge node.


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Yeah the more I thought about it, the more I saw it like you described, just Houdini's behaviour that makes sense.

Thanks for the clarification!

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