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Blending Modes in Layer RGBA Node

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Blending Modes in Layer RGBA Node


I'm confused by the Operation option in the Layer RGBA node. It seems to me like the blending mode I choose for a certain layer is actually applied to the layer on top of it.

In the attached image I've compared an identical layer setup in After Effects and in Arnold - a blue layer below a red layer. The red layer has the Screen mode applied, which should result in a magenta color. But Arnold doesn't show that result. However, if I apply the Screen mode in Arnold to the blue layer, I do get a magenta background. This doesn't make sense to me, considering that layers are composited bottom to top in Arnold, (as they are in AE). A setup like that in AE would have given me red, not magenta.

What am I missing here?

Thanks for your help!capture.png

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Anyone? I'd really appreciate some help here...

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You can try and take a look at this video, it shows how to use the layer RGBA properly:

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@James Earnest
it depends on which Arnold Version you are, I guess - as for the newest Version (Arnold 7.xx), the Visual and operational hierarchy is now consistent. It goes from the higher Layer Number (8) to the lowest (1). In Maya it's just presented from bottom (8) to top (1) compared to Cinema 4D, where it's from top (8) to bottom (1). So in Cinema it's exactly like in Photoshop and in Maya it is upside down.


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