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.ass restriction lifted HTOA indie 2020

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.ass restriction lifted HTOA indie 2020

Is this feature coming to indie ever? The equivalent feature in other render engines in indie is coming to fruition, for ex Redshift. I feel this is a pretty pressing issue for people coming into studios if they aren't able to learn and use the primary in house production benefit of a scene file description of the engine.

Is this a purposeful limitation by Autodesk Arnold, or was sidefx the issue and if it's sidefx then is there an ETA on .ass in indie since similar restrictions are being lifted on all the other 3rd party renders?

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This is supported now by SideFX from Houdini version H18.0.460 - so it can now be supported in HtoA too.

We have modified HToA to allow this, and it will be available in the upcoming HtoA release, likely HtoA 5.2.2.

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in reply to: julian.hodgson

Great to hear. Thanks for taking time to respond. Is there a specific place I should look to find this type of information next time officially?

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in reply to: Anonymous

In general, we don't announce or publish new features before the release happens. But when a release goes out, you can check the release notes:

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Thanks Stephen, appreciate that!

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