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.ass instance file motion blur issue, Houdini

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.ass instance file motion blur issue, Houdini

I am using houdini 18.5.696 and the corresponding arnold version. What I am ultimately trying to do is save out complicated geometry and then instance them on a large amount of points for a scene I am creating. Everything looks good until I turn on motion blur. Basically it looks as tho every instance is rushing to it's current location from world space 0. I have tried setting various types of motion blur (transform, deform, velocity) on the geo as well as the ROP that is saving the .ass file. None of this seems to make a difference and the motion blur looks the same and wrong. I have included a very simple example below of the issue I am experiencing. The first image is just a box geo copied to 3 points and animated along the x axis. With the normal copy to points everything works fine. The second image is the same 3 points but I am using an .ass instance file of the cube. This is where the motion blur is all messed up. If anyone knows how to fix this, I would very much appreciate the help!



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