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ASS files at SOP level

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ASS files at SOP level

I have been loading an ASS file at OBJ level using the Arnold Procedural OBJ but I need/want to bring it inside an asset, so I need it at SOP level (using Object Merge does not work).

It this possible, any workflow I am missing?
Is it possible to reference an ASS file at SOP level?

Thanks a lot.

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For translation to Arnold, HtoA is looking for an Arnold Procedural OBJ, so you can't put it at the SOP level.

Maybe you could use instances at the SOP level, with instancefile pointing to the ASS file?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Thanks, I did approach it using instances and then using Attribute Wrangles to bring the ASS file and hack it on the fly (changing visibility flags and the like)

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in reply to: Stephen.Blair

But Arnold Procedural OBJ it just asset, build from nodes in SOP level
in this case Arnold Procedural Proxy in SOP should be rendered in any SOP context with materials, but it doesn't render materials. Why, what parameter with what attribute does it lack at the Obj level?

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