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Arnold shelve not showing up in houdini

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Arnold shelve not showing up in houdini

I installed the most recent version of ARNOLD


on a windows machine running Houdini 18.5.351, Windows 10 Version 2004, GEOFORCE RTX 2070 Super and 128GB RAM

I take the default install and configure option provided. The installation completes succesfully

My expectation on a Windows machine is it will just work when I open HOUDINI

I open Add Shelves and .... no ARNOLD SHELVES available .

I look at ARNOLD help and I am doing the right thing.

The installation is a default location.

I shut down my machine and go for a full restart. iterating once again through opening houdini and trying vainly to add an ARNOLD shelve with same result.

I uninstall Arnold. Restart the machine and re-install ARNOLD. Still the same outcome, cannot find any ARNOLD assets to add to the HOUDININ toolbars

Scratching head - I am trying ARNOLD for the first time @ARNOLD development and sales teams it is not a good start.

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in reply to: nwpnow

Did the Houdini Console open when you started Houdini? And did you see the HtoA startup log?

If not, then it's a problem with the environment. Check houdini.env, and the detailsl from Help > About Houdini > Show Details.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: nwpnow

Hello Stephen

Houdini starts without any issue, as it has done for the last 4 months.

What is the HtoA start up log ? What am I looking for in that ?

What would I be looking for in Houdini.env ?

And what would I be seeking from Help> About Houdini> Show details which I have not already posted about the version and the build.

Arnold instructions tell me

1 - install Arnold.

2 - Open Houdini

3 - Add the new Shelf

4 - Click on the Arnold shelves.

This is what I did on more than one occasion with no success.

Even going to the trouble of installing both packages freshly has not resulted in Arnold software behaving as any software which had undergone rigorous QA before dumping to an unsuspecting user community .

I wait eagerly for your next advice


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in reply to: nwpnow

Please post your houdini.env and the details from Help> About Houdini > Show Details.

If PATH or HOUDINI_PATH are set incorrectly, then HtoA will not load. Usually there's a conflict with some other third-party software.

If HtoA loads, then on Windows you would see the Houdini Console. It opens automatically, because HtoA logs messages at startup.


// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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