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Arnold Operator - Set Parameter - Finding camera parameter

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Arnold Operator - Set Parameter - Finding camera parameter

Good day,


A question regarding "overriding" camera DOF settings with arnold operators on a Houdini camera.


I'm trying to use a Set Parameter to turn the DOF "on / off" on different ROP.

I've tried multiple options on the Set Parameter node

dof_enable = 1
dof_enable = on
dof_enable = True
ar_dof_enable = 1
ar_dof_enable = on
ar_dof_enable = True

With and without spaces between the = sign.


I attempted to find the correct parameter name with kick to no avail.
Closest I got was: -info persp_camera

Type          Name                              Default
------------  --------------------------------  --------------------------------
VECTOR[]      position                          0, 0, 0
VECTOR[]      look_at                           0, 0, -1
VECTOR[]      up                                0, 1, 0
MATRIX[]      matrix                            identity
ENUM          handedness                        right
FLOAT         near_clip                         0.0001
FLOAT         far_clip                          1e+30
VECTOR2[]     screen_window_min                 -1, -1
VECTOR2[]     screen_window_max                 1, 1
FLOAT         shutter_start                     0
FLOAT         shutter_end                       0
ENUM          shutter_type                      box
VECTOR2[]     shutter_curve                     (empty)
ENUM          rolling_shutter                   off
FLOAT         rolling_shutter_duration          0
FLOAT         motion_start                      0
FLOAT         motion_end                        1
FLOAT         exposure                          0
NODE          filtermap                         (null)
FLOAT[]       fov                               60
BOOL          plane_distance                    true
FLOAT[]       focus_distance                    1
BOOL          flat_field_focus                  true
FLOAT[]       aperture_size                     0
INT           aperture_blades                   0
FLOAT         aperture_rotation                 0
FLOAT         aperture_blade_curvature          0
FLOAT         aperture_aspect_ratio             1
RGBA          uv_remap                          0, 0, 0, 0
FLOAT         radial_distortion                 0
VECTOR2[]     lens_tilt_angle                   0, 0
VECTOR2[]     lens_shift                        0, 0
ENUM          radial_distortion_type            cubic
STRING        name


What is the correct 'assignment' to be able to do this?


The collection is simply grabbing the camera:
I'm calling it: cam

using #cam on the Set Parameter



All the best,

Andrew Wilkins


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in reply to: am_wilkins

The enable flags are not part of Arnold. That's tells HtoA what camera parameters to export (the aperture parameters).

Setting aperture to [0] should disable DOF


For something like this, if I couldn't look at the actual code, I'd export ass files with and without DOF to see what changes.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: Stephen.Blair

Hey Stephen,


I exported two ASS files, like you say, with and without DOF.
Doesn't seem like any value is being stored?


I get the following in both exports:

 name /obj/cam1
 far_clip 10000
 motion_end 0
 fov 45.000042
 focus_distance 5
 aperture_blades 5



Thank you!


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in reply to: Stephen.Blair

Hi again,


It appears even though we have expression hooked up to "aperture_size" setting that to 0 works.



aperture_size = 0



Thanks for the help, I will use this so long. 




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