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Rendering with Arnold in Houdini and Solaris using the HtoA plug-in.
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Arnold not useing the assigned shaders with pdg tops in houdini

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Arnold not useing the assigned shaders with pdg tops in houdini

Recently i started playing around with pdg and tops in houdini. I ran in the following issue. If i start the render in the render view window everything is rendering fine but when the render is triggered via a ropfetch arnold is not seeing the assigned shaders so i get pink objects. I made a simple testscene with a wedge, a ropgeometry and a ropfetch. The material is set by a material node right in the geo-node. THe shader lives in “shop/arnold_vopnet1” but i tried a shopnet right in the topnet as well - same result. The wedge is working fine though - the geo is beeing created as it should. Any direction towards a solution is very much appreciated. I must be missing something. I am on Windows 10 and am useing the most recent versions of Houdini (Indie. 17.5.360) and the arnold plugin (htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.360) THANKS!


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Can you post a short video of how you are triggering the ropfetch node to illustrate the problem?

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I made a quick video. Let me know if you have any more questions. Strange enough the background plane doesn't render with a shader neigther. So the problem doesn't seam to be related to the georop. The very same process works with redshift so i guess i am not doing all wrong 🙂

Since i am not able to upload files bigger than 2MB to the forum i attached the link to my scenefile including the video.

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