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Arnold lights intensity in solaris

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Arnold lights intensity in solaris

Updated Arnold in Houdini to from


Suddenly all light seem brighter by factor of approx 10 000.

Has anyone else had similar experience? Is it a bug? Is there some exact number to divide all lights by?

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But you were having this problem before upgrading, right?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Yes, that problem problem came out when we switched to new version. Comparing light intensities in karma and arnold gives me same brightness difference.

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Are you using distant lights?

distant lights with normalize set to off now render as if normalize = on

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Hey @Stephen.Blair 
I'm seeing this difference in in my distant lights.  My sun light is much brighter in than in the  The default position of "Normalize Power" is set to off.     It seems "on" must equal the previous "on" because checking this box on doesn't effect the light value.  If "off" now equals "on" then how do we get back to previous brightness when turned "off"?  

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The above link clarifies the issue.  The normalize power attribute is being ignored.  So "normalize power" unchecked in the previous Arnold is now giving us Arnolds default behavior, which must be normalized.  It makes sense that this feature is disabled for a directional light which should never change size.



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