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Rendering with Arnold in Houdini and Solaris using the HtoA plug-in.
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Arnold keeps crashing, can't tell why?

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Arnold keeps crashing, can't tell why?

Here's the error detail, I don't understand what's causing it..


Application: hindie.exe
Error: Access violation - code c0000005 (first/second chance not available)
Crashed Module Name: ai.dll
Exception Address: 0x00007ffb74c3eed9
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Flags: 0
Exception Parameters: 0, 627847a0

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A log would provide more information to pin point the issue.

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It provides me with a arnold.dmp file which I assume is the log, but it is unreadable in notepad. Just a bunch of symbols, I'll link it anyways. Also, I've done some tests since, on both a pc and a laptop and both get this crash and MUCH slower performance since using the latest arnold version, whether it's on 19.5 or on 20. So I think it is caused by the latest htoa version. But if it isn't, and this is something else, please confirm or deny what I said 🙂



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Is this just an empty scene that crashes? 

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No it's a forest scene, but I don't believe that's the cause because the scene hasn't changed at all since older Arnold versions, I used the same version to test and it ran normally using the older version of htoa, no crashes and way faster preparing Arnold render

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It keeps getting worse.. I have a single asset (1 strand of grass) and as soon as I turn the solaris viewport to arnold, instant crash. I have task manager open and nothing is even close to 25% usage so definitely not a problem on my machine. @Stephen.Blair @CiroCardoso3v This time I have a proper crash log since I found it in AppData, I linked it below.

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in reply to: mathaustralie9

The dump file you provided says it is crashing when unloading a procedural (USDs are procedurals). That likely happens after you've deleted some object. Do you know what you're doing when this crash occurs?


We just fixed a bug similar to this (internal ticket ARNOLD-13843) which could maybe be what you're experiencing. That fix we hope to get out in the next bug fix release of arnold, barring no surprises during testing.


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Thanks for the reply. Allow me to explain exactly what in doing and what my setup is like. 


No I'm not deleting any objects, but you're right I'm in Solaris working in USD. I'm in stage and I have a very basic setup: component builder that brings in a fbx from SOP which is a patch of grass (very low poly maybe 20 tris?) and then that is plugged into a dome light and a backdrop for lookdev which is just a plane, and a material library. I had Arnold materials assigned to this grass mesh but I'm making the transition to mtlx for compatibility, so I switched the grass mat to a mtlx copy that I made which is a simple color map and roughness map. But as soon as I turn on Arnold viewport, it crashes. And on rare occasions, it won't crash and will work as intended but as soon as I tweak a value in the material (causing the render to refresh) it'll crash. I hope this helps, and hopefully the fix comes out soon. This is a pretty major issue that unfortunately stops me from continuing any work with Arnold for the time being. Thank you. 

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