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Rendering with Arnold in Houdini and Solaris using the HtoA plug-in.
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Arnold Instancing in Houdini for Optimal render farm performance.

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Arnold Instancing in Houdini for Optimal render farm performance.

  • We are rendering huge instance point clouds using the instancefile attribute and rendering in Arnold.
  • The instance objects are saved as ASS files and the point cloud carrying the address is also an ASS file.
  • If the point cloud is also saved as an Arnolds Archive file it appears the process of baking frame by frame ASS files for the render farm is unpacking then repacking the geo, as the process is taking minutes rather than a few seconds. Thus is an issue that needs to be resolved for optimal pipeline. One theory is that this time is being taken as the points are being saved with the instance adresses at a rate of 50,000 per second and the time takes longer the more points there are. This seems inefficient when the date is already stored in an existing ASS file.

  • Is there a way of making this baking process almnost instantaneous as we find with Redshift?
  • Also Alembic instancing using this method does not seem to be supported in Houdini, is this the case?
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in reply to: paulg

Can you please include the arnold version used and full info level log messages? My hope is that you're using an older version of Arnold and maybe this has already been fixed?

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in reply to: thiago.ize

Hi. So we had another look at this. in Houdini 19.5.303. We found a work around. Many thanks.

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in reply to: paulg

Hello Paulg, I have a similar issue in rendering a large (450M point cloud) in 3Dsmax. How did your team figure out how to get around the frame-by-frame issue with geo repackaging? Was this a setting in Arnold or simply switching to Houdini fixed it? Thanks. 

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in reply to: paulg

hi @paulg , it would be nice if you explained how you solved this, to be useful for other users as well..

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