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Arnold features not integrated in LOPs yet?

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Arnold features not integrated in LOPs yet?

I'm curious about some render features that exist on the Arnold ROP but I can't seem to set in the rendersettings node in LOPs. (H18.5.351 and HtoA
At this point I'm not sure if there's a different way of setting them up or if they simply haven't implemented yet.

1. Output: Image Format. Is there a way to render out deep images from Solaris?

2. Device: Color Management: How does htoa in LOPs handle color management?

3. Output: Denoise for beauty and aovs. The render vars don't seem to have any settings for denoise.

4. Output: AOV Shaders: Is there any way to render aov shaders in Solaris? It seems like currently only point attributes and LPEs are supported.

5. Main: Environment Shaders: Are environment shaders or simply fog supported in Solaris?

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in reply to: beatGXV6G

Hi Beat,

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions.

We're continuing our development for our Solaris integration, so this is great. I've updated our support with the your input, and created some new tickets as per below:

1. Deep EXRs are not yet supported. We're looking into this in htoa#1529.

2. Color management is on our list to support in htoa#1550.

3. We're looking at the denoising workflow in htoa#1589 and htoa#1550.

4. AOV shaders in Solaris isn't supported yet, created htoa#1589 for this.

5. Environment shaders will also need adding in a similar way, created htoa#1591.

Let us know which of these is the most important to you, this may be useful in prioritising our next steps.



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in reply to: beatGXV6G

Hi there,

Just wondering if there's an update to ticket htoa#1591? This would be really useful to what we're currently working on!



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in reply to: thomas_017

No, no update

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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