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Rendering with Arnold in Houdini and Solaris using the HtoA plug-in.
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Arnold 6 with Houdini18 Solaris

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Arnold 6 with Houdini18 Solaris

Is there a render output node with HtoA5.0.0 under Solaris of Houdini?

I mean when I finished my shading, , lighting under Solaris, I need to render it out. But currently I cannot find a render output node of Arnold, what I only can do is just swith this render engine in hydra view. How can I render out my picture?

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in reply to: hailu_wang

The basic workflow
add rendergeometrysettings
add rendersettings, but unfortunately arnold tab is missing
add usdrender_rop choose Arnold

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in reply to: Anonymous

Thank u, rachid.

Yes, the missing Arnold render setting tab is a big problem.

Did u export a image successfully by using the "usdrender_rop" node? I followed your step and try to export my render. But there is nothing under my output fold.

Here is my setup, anything wrong?5497-snipaste-2019-12-23-15-52-48.jpeg

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in reply to: hailu_wang

Any news on this?

Still empty "render settings" node in Htoa 5.0.2 so the Hydra delegade is pretty much usless atm.

Would be great to get an official answer as to why its empty.

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in reply to: hailu_wang

Sorry i didn't see your question.
unfortunately, it is impossible to render anything to disc, since Render Setting for arnold is empty.
why is empty ? ask the team!

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in reply to: hailu_wang

We have the ticket to add this.

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in reply to: hailu_wang

still not working in lastest update 😞

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in reply to: hailu_wang

after more digging, Solaris is not ready for any renderer. Solaris currently is useful for layout scene and generate USD files.

Arnold operators is way to go, right now, its kinda mini solaris itself.

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in reply to: schwungsau

Ready for Renderman,
5955-pxar.jpgReady for Redshift at least beta
5956-redshift.jpgbut nothing for Arnold !Operatores is arnold specific, not USD !

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in reply to: hailu_wang

No PXR_PLUGINPATH_NAME variable on fresh Install (HtoA 5.1.1)
From the doc:
#1396 Install hydra render delegate to dso/usd_plugins

but still not working even when adding PXR_PLUGINPATH_NAME to point to Hydra
PXR_PLUGINPATH_NAME = C:/Users/rachid/htoa/htoa-5.1.1_r126b954_houdini-18.0.391/htoa-5.1.1_r126b954_houdini-18.0.391/dso/usd_plugins

no probleme with others renderers (Renderman, Redshift, 3Delight) ,only Arnold !

why is that ?

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in reply to: hailu_wang

With the newest version somehow there is only a global headlight. Everylight inserted in LOPs does not update the global headlight mode. And it crashes most of the time when I switch between the render engines. Does anybody have the same problem?

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