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alembic procedural does use not velocity for motion blur

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alembic procedural does use not velocity for motion blur

alembic procedural does use not velocity for motion blur, instead, Arnold tries to create its motionblur, which it mess because of changing point count. if write ass files it works, it take v attr for motionblur.

if i unpack and load into Houdini the alembic Arnold take v for motionblur, but it takes much more to the first pixel. that's why i wanna use almebic procedurals.

is it a bug or feature?

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The alembic procedural should use velocity data if it is in the archive. How are you exporting the data? Are you exporting with the velocity data in the alembic?

Ashley Handscomb Retallack
Arnold Support Specialist
Arnold Documentation | Arnold Downloads
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in reply to: schwungsau

default alembic SOP, the alemebic file has v attr if reload it in houndini and unpack it...
does it have be renamed to "velocity" ?

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in reply to: schwungsau

See an example file from our test suite:

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in reply to: schwungsau

of coursce i am exporting velocity data. renderman and octane gets it. even gaffer and arnold works, but htoa has issues to use velocity in alembic files.

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in reply to: julian.hodgson

it works in gaffer but not in Houdini.

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in reply to: schwungsau

Hi, how did you get to make Renderman use velocity attributes from alembic? I ‘ve stored velocity attributes as 3float color and although I can import and use them with pxrprimvar nodes when shading, I cannot figure out how to use them to motion blur my changing topology water geometry

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